Jiji is an awesome app for working with your Google Analytics data in a very simple way.

Jiji uses API-constrained API and has the ability to expose and create unique values.

Jiji is pretty simple, just copy your data and pass to Google Analytics.


In order to generate your new JFrame, you have to create your own instance of Google Analytics instance, using http. Request for new data ( and then login to your account and then you can access it from the JFrame.

Let’s take a look at your JFrame.js with a few simple example below.

What happens here?

We want to be able to create something. We want us to make our JFrame, based on a few different criteria.

That is to say, we want you to be able to query your Google Analytics dashboard, and be rewarded for the response.

Or, maybe we want you to send this token to one of your friends or colleagues in order to use a product. We need to be able to provide a service. We don’t need a single user who can send us something and then respond to something from one of their friends or colleagues

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