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p>Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy, st. Buy a car Cherkasy - Car dealership Ravon NEWTON We are the official dealer of the manufacturer in our region. Dealer Ravon in Cherkasy &# 8212; Car dealership Ravon NEWTON.

And all the views and for the bagatokh of loves Daewoo Gentra has transformed into a swift and superb Ravon Gentra. Company NEWTON is an official dealer of Ravon in Cherkasy, so, having turned up to us, you can drive a car without nationalities. Smelyanskaya 131″ width=”1920″ height=”800″ /> Buy Auto Cherkasy &# 8212; Motor Show Raveon Newton. <img src="" alt="Car dealership Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy – st.

Anyone wishing to buy a Ravon in Cherkassy is guaranteed to receive from our employees comprehensive advice on the configuration, technical capabilities of any of the models presented in our showroom, in order to ultimately choose a car that meets individual needs. Our service specialists work with both warranty and post-warranty cases with the Ravon P2, Ravon P4 and Ravon Gentra models. Buy Auto Cherkasy - Motor Show Ravon Newton However, the novelty differs from its predecessor not only by several changes in the exterior and interior, but also by some technical innovations, for example, by the presence of a modern emergency warning system.

General Motors Uzbekistan works under a new brand, but cars manufactured by the company do not lose their main features – reliability, comfort and financial accessibility. In Cherkasa, Mozlivіti Vi Recair, triggered to the Consultant of the Newton auto show. Smelyanskaya 131. Cherkasy has the opportunity to purchase a car using a loan program specially developed for our clients.

Cherkasy is kindly aware, de zooseredzheni car salons of the company NEWTON, to my living room chekamo you, abi and we could assess the new brand’s passes on the Ukrainian roads. If you decide to buy a car Ravon (Cherkasy), remember, this brand is the legal guardian of Uz-Daewoo – the legendary virobnik of budget, ale yakisnyh automobiles. Translated from Uzbek, the brand name translates as “easy road”. The consultants of our salon will answer any of your questions regarding the technical characteristics, configuration and capabilities of the car. Join us on the social network This means that the mentioned models are modern, improved versions of already well-known, famous cars.

Cherkasy will definitely appreciate the technical equipment of the basic modification of this car: two airbags, a braking system with ABS, electric power steering, additional engine protection, an acoustic system on USB media. Dealer Ravon in Cherkasy - Autosalon Ravon NEWTON The manufacturer promises to soon expand the lineup with new sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and city cars in order to satisfy the maximum number of requests from potential buyers. Motor Show Ravon Newton (Cherkasy) offers residents of our city to buy cars from a new Uzbek brand with a long history. The brand is not very popular on the car market, even after an hour from the conveyor, the models have gone down, bezperechno, varti uvagi: Join us on the social network We will create all the conditions so that you can choose the model you like and buy Ravon.

Buy a car with a box machine in Cherkasy Especially for our clients, we offer affordable financial terms of purchase, including a loan program. Autosalon NEWTON offers to purchase any of the existing Ravon modifications at the most favorable prices: Already at the closest hour, the virobnik obіtsyaє expand the model range with new products. Join us on the social network To buy a Ravon R2 in Cherkasy means to acquire a reliable hatchback, which is not afraid even of our roads.

Smelyanskaya 131″ width=”1920″ height=”800″ /> Motor Show Ravens (Cherkasy) offers P4 in three main equipment: Comfort, Optimum and Elegant, which naturally differ in price. The main question that interests any person who wants to buy a car is prices. Join us on the social network Of course, this model will not suit fans of premium cars or extra shine on the road, but those who need a reliable “workhorse” in a stylish modern design will definitely decide to buy Ravon. Raveon Newton Facebook On average, a car consumes from 8 liters of fuel per 100 km of run.

Buy Ravon P4 in Cherkasy You can buy a novelty from us at the best prices, because NEWTON is the official dealer of Ravon in Cherkasy. Motor Show Raveon Newton (Cherkasy) Thanks to a specially designed, most profitable and convenient loan program, it will be even easier for you to buy Ravon. Buy car prices Cherkasy - Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Otzhe, models, which are presented in our salon, &# 8212; prices and more current versions of the same cars. Ravon newton facebook



h2>Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy, st. For those wishing to buy Ravon in Cherkasy, we offer several modifications of each item. “Four” &# 8212; powerful enough for a budget car model: under the hood of the R4 – a 4-cylinder petrol engine of 1.5 liters, which produces from 106 l / s. Ravon newton facebook Cherkasy gets the opportunity to get a car loan for up to 7 years. The name Ravon sounded only in 2015, but in such a short period it managed to become a symbol of quality and style at the most pleasant price.

Ravon R4 – the most complete version of the Chevrolet Cobalt. Cherkasy can purchase cars of this brand by contacting the NEWTON car dealership. During the short existence of the brand, 4 models of completely different, but equally functional cars rolled off the assembly line: Join us on the social network If we are talking about the products of the manufacturer General Motors Uzbekistan, which recently entered the world market in the form of a new brand – Ravon. Car dealership Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) The proven quality of General Motors Uzbekistan cars becomes even closer and more accessible thanks to us. NEWTON is the official dealer of Ravon in Cherkassy, ​​so we have maximum information about the configuration and technical capabilities of the presented cars, as well as highly professional service and warranty service.

Buy car prices Cherkasy &# 8212; Car dealership Ravon NEWTON. After all, the new car has definitely not been operated by anyone, has not been repaired, does not even have a mileage and is devoid of many more shortcomings, which are more than enough in the cars of the secondary market. Abi vibrate your car, model, how to suit you and your lifestyle, I ask you to visit the Ravon car dealership. Today we present the following of the brand’s existing models: Model R2 is the perfect choice for those who are not looking for auto-free “frills”, but wants to buy Raveon.

Want to get in your car a combination of high Korean quality, enhanced by Uzbek attention to versatility and high functionality, and a pleasant price? We recommend to buy Ravon. Autosalon NEWTON, as an official dealer of Ravon in Cherkasy, also offers professional technical support. Smelyanskaya 131″ width=”1920″ height=”800″ /> Smelyanskaya 131 invites fans of reliable and budget cars. Ravon newton facebook Buy Ravon Cherkasy &# 8212; Car dealership Ravon NEWTON, Smelyanskaya 131.

But do not forget that Ravon is the successor of the Uz-Daewoo brand, which has become a legend of budget cars. Ravon newton facebook If you also value the combination of reliability, maneuverability and the most favorable price policy in cars, we invite you to buy Ravon. Automatic transmission – the ideal option for quiet, hto only use as a car (especially relevant for the automatic transmission for women for kerm). It was he who at one time provided the market of post-Soviet countries with Daewoo cars.

Join us on the social network Cherkasy Might Vybrivati ​​Omriyani Automobile Yak in salons, de introduction of the new machine, so І Rinkka b / in. Rhythm Rhythm Difference All Party Dictuct Non-Chіdnіst Buy Auto. Our service center provides full warranty and service maintenance for cars from the current model range.

Our Ravon car dealership in Cherkasy will propose three models before the bath, and even the stinks of the most versatile and functional. It’s true: an hour of spending an hour behind the kerm of a car, there will be a lot of traffic, and the road will be as easy as possible. Kompania Newton &# 8212; OfItskyi dealer Ravon in Cherkasa, and on the removal of the Complex of the Complex of the Complex of the Complex of the Complex for our cl_nt_v.

If it was too expensive to buy a car with a box “automatic” earlier (the car was so important for the skin-friendly Ukraine), the current stench became more accessible both in the price aspect and in the nutrition of the model assortment. Mova Ide about Yak_snu Tu Navel Avtozhіlnu Products in the back of the short-term Uzbetskoy brand, cherishly becoming the crossbar of the VTEYNE, the UZ-Daewoo. Ravon R4 – revival in a more perfect form of the Chevrolet Cobalt. More expensive versions have more advanced equipment.

That is why today many people can afford to buy Ravon (Cherkasy). Daewoo matiz 2004 in nigeria But many decide to buy a used one precisely because of the low price compared to new models. The name of the brand means “an easy way”. Buy a new car Cherkasy &# 8212; Car dealership Ravon NEWTON. Adzhe maneuverability, agility, lightness of the keruvannya, as they check you for the kerm of the car with a mark, in the same time, at a reasonable price, to confuse you.

Buy a car with a box machine in Cherkasy Motor Show Raveon Newton (Cherkasy) Ravon P2, which has already been named the Car of the Year 2018 in Ukraine, is a modernized edition of the Chevrolet Spark hatchback. Buy Ravon P4 in Cherkasy If you go to see you – even more information about the waters, you have been able to drive without any problems, you have already seen the uninterrupted manipulations of the chips and the importance of changing gears, buy Ravon in Cherkasy, which will be a city for you to be a city of wine. The laconic, but functional sedan Ravon P4 is suitable for those who do not like frills on the roads, and use a car not for show, but for its intended purpose – to move around the city.

Ravon newton facebook Comfortable, agile and compact, the Ravon P2 hatchback is the perfect choice for those looking for inexpensive small cars. And the good old sedan Daewoo Gentra has reincarnated into a reliable and maneuverable Ravon Gentra. Buy Ravon Cherkasy - Autosalon Ravon NEWTON, Smelyanskaya 131 The car dealership Ravon (Cherkasy) will see radium for you the light of affordable and high-quality cars, which, however, are worthy to fit both with ideal road conditions, and with important Ukrainian roads. Qia model is already named the car of 2018 in Ukraine. Today it is a completely new, modern and high-tech brand that has rapidly burst into the Ukrainian market, so anyone can buy Ravon in Cherkassy.

Autosalon Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) is the official representative of the Uzbek brand of the manufacturer in the central region of Ukraine. And today everyone can buy Ravon in Cherkassy who appreciates in a car, reliability, activity, maneuverability on any roads and, most importantly, financial affordability. We represent the products of the Uzbek brand, which appeared on the world market quite recently, however, which has a long history under the Uz-Daewoo brand. Buy a car Ravon Cherkasy - Car dealership Ravon NEWTON To buy a new product, ask possible technical questions, take a test drive, the Ravon NEWTON car dealership (Cherkasy) gives an opportunity.

The NEWTON company will help you to reach a new modern car, and also an official dealer of Ravon in Cherkasy. Cherkasy will appreciate the neat, no-nonsense interior of the car and a convenient, intuitive dashboard.Buy Ravon P4 in Cherkasy Raveon Newton Facebook Cherkasy is not yet quite familiar with the new brand, however, rest assured, its capabilities on our roads will amaze you. The NEWTON company will help you to purchase it, because we are the official dealer of Ravon (Ravon) in Cherkasy. Ravon newton facebook Autosalon Ravon (Cherkasy) I will ask you to protest the products of the new Uzbek brand and turn your hand to the management of the transport service, who will be on the road.

The new car brand Ravon, created on the basis of the General Motors Uzbekistan plant, has rapidly burst into the Ukrainian market. Car dealership Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy &# 8212; st. The cost of a car of a certain model will depend on its configuration and technical content. Cherkasy are massively transplanted on machines with automatic transmission, so the choice of such a model is fully justified by the desire for comfortable control of the car.

Ravon newton facebook Car dealership Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) is sure – to buy a reliable modern car that will become a maneuverable and durable assistant even on Cherkasy roads, inexpensively – you can. Smelyanskaya 131″ width=”1200″ height=”800″ /> Join us on the social network Ravon newton facebook NEWTON company – the official dealer of Ravon in Cherkassy – offers a complete lineup for today: R2, R4 and Gentra, which are the reincarnation of well-known models produced by GM Uzbekistan. For quietly, for a long time, about a car with an automatic transmission, but I don’t have enough pennies to buy it at once, our Ravon car dealership in Cherkasy will promote a vigid and open credit program. <img src="" alt="Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy, st. <img src="" alt="Car dealership Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy – st.

Join us on social network <img src='" alt="Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Cherkasy, st. This is how easy and carefree your journey will be while driving this car. Autosalon Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) – your guide to the world of high-quality budget cars.

Although Cherkasy can boast of a wide market for used cars, a car that just rolled off the assembly line is not only more pleasant, but also more reliable. Even at the stage, take a decision about the purchase of our consultant to help you make an appointment, to give you information on all meals, if you have a choice in the process, to tell you about the technical features of the complete set of the model, as you could have found a problem without a problem in Cherkasy. A sufficiently powerful (from 85 l / s) gasoline engine of 1.25 liters or more, a 4-speed automatic transmission – not all reasons to buy Ravon P2. Be sure that our car dealership Ravon (Cherkasy) will provide you with the opportunity to purchase each of the new products in the future.

Dealer Ravon in Cherkasy - Autosalon Ravon NEWTON Having visited the regional auto show Ravon (Cherkasy), you can get acquainted with two more complete sets of P2. ONE DIYSNO WIGNWINE VIBIR TO MAYS VIGIDNI FINASIVI OKVODBANDE REGONUEє A Motor Show Ravon in Cherkas. So, Ravon P2 is a modernized view of the existing Chevrolet Spark hatchback. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, then the most reasonable and practical solution would be to buy a new car.

Cherkasy cannot be called the city of the most expensive cars, because the capital continues to hold the lead. Stylish and easy-to-move Ravon Gentra is a golf-class car for the most pleasant price for this equipment. Join us on the social network At the same time, even the most budget edition is perfectly equipped at its price and can compete with more eminent and expensive car brands. Cherkasy have the opportunity to purchase a car from the existing model range at the NEWTON dealership.

Buy a new car Cherkasy - Ravon NEWTON car dealership Autosalon Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) welcomes you to discover the world of high quality and reliable affordable cars. Having appeared close to 80 years, the automatic transmissions in cars became a real breakthrough, and it also made it as easy as possible to manage the transport system at any stage of changing the speed. In the near future, the manufacturer promises to replenish the lineup with completely new SUVs, crossovers and sedans.

Autosalon Ravon NEWTON (Cherkasy) invites you to forget forever, even to think about the likelihood of acquiring a cheaper secondary property, because we offer quality products that came off the assembly line of a well-known automobile plant in Uzbekistan. However, there is a way out – to buy a new budget car, for example, buy a Ravon. As the official representative of the manufacturer, the Ravon car dealership (Cherkasy) considers one of its priority tasks to provide its customers with original components and spare parts for cars.

However, it is not always possible to find a good option for a reasonable price.
To buy a Ravon R4 in Cherkasy means to purchase an updated and slightly improved version of the Chevrolet Cobalt sedan. Join us on social network If you do not have the required amount at the moment, we can provide a special client lending program. It is here that you can get acquainted with a new name in the automotive market, which, however, has a rich, more than 20-year history, see with your own eyes all the models presented, ask questions of interest and buy Ravon in Cherkassy at manufacturer’s prices. In 2015, UZ-DAEWOO presented its successor – a new car brand, which in a short time of its existence managed to become a favorite brand of many.

If you want, you can get rid of the extra strength, high quality and available options from your car, it is recommended to buy Ravon. Depending on what configuration you want to buy Ravon P4 in Cherkassy, ​​you will find a 5-speed “mechanic” or a 6-speed “automatic”.

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