Single Girl Online Blogging. A couple weeks ago I gotten a message on OkCupid from a guy who does most useful feel described as “effeminate.”

Single Girl Online Blogging. A couple weeks ago I gotten a message on OkCupid from a guy who does most useful feel described as “effeminate.”

I am an individual woman internet dating in L. A.. Sometimes. Its fascinating.

2-3 weeks ago I was given a message on OkCupid from one that would greatest be called “effeminate.” He checked kind of like if Clay Aiken grew a womb and then he and Adam Lambert have a magic appreciation child. Okay whatever, I’m only going to be upright along with you – he checked very gay.

This is means beyond metrosexual. Their full, pouty mouth comprise secure in gloss, his brows are formed by Anatasia and his locks was greater plus coiffed than a Texas prom queen’s. Oh, and he additionally submitted a separate photo of his footwear. Along with his small canine.

Once I showed Claydam’s pictures to my personal homosexual bf, he scoffed and cried, “Are you joking? He helps make myself resemble freaking Paul Bunyan!”

But homosexual inclinations notwithstanding, the girly people did be seemingly cultured, have a career, stated he had beenn’t interested in hookups, and ended up being, well, quite rather.

We replaced a number of information on the webpage and then he got the majority of gentlemanly. He put the compliments on dense, discussing me personally as “stunning” and “ravishing,” and I decided to ignore just how gay that sounded and as an alternative simply lapped it up because narcissism.

He seemed very sweet, thus I provided him my amounts and then we gone to live in texting. After concerning fourth text is uberhorny real, he falls this little nugget on me:

I’m maybe not 100% certain exactly what the guy designed by “do sexual items to foot,” but i possibly couldn’t assist imagining his penis poking around my personal pumps and arches, trying to find an entry.

Today, I are already extremely open-minded and was not just one to write off anybody due to a harmless fetish. All things considered, feet rubs become a really close second to sex and that I don’t mind a tiny bit bottom drawing now and then.

But exactly how about buying a lady one glass of drink or four when you spring something like that on the? A foot fetish is not a dealbreaker it ain’t something you lead with, son!

I suggested it absolutely was a feeling too early for intercourse talk and he revealed that he only “felt really safe” beside me. Most confident with me personally? Wen’t actually fulfilled, Twinkletoes!

So lemme understand this directly… you retain this deep, dark information from all of your past paramours together with earliest individual you come thoroughly clean with is a few haphazard chick from OkCupid with whom you’ve replaced some text messages?

It absolutely was a bit a lot. Not to mention, carry out i truly want another body part as insecure about? My personal feet are crazy furry, I’ve have a garbanzo-sized callous throughout the left huge one and my personal littlest piggies appear like bay shrimp. I’m currently enjoying this winter split from keeping my feet polished and I’m perhaps not planning to bring that up. Furthermore, I upright declare I’m shit at offering hands opportunities, and so I can’t envision my feet job video game is going to be any better.

Claydam texted me personally the next morning, wishing me a delightful time. He considered feel free to text him the whole day if I bring bored stiff. But his instant convenience with a whole stranger was actually something which forced me to get “hmm,” and even though he might’ve started an incredible man with powerful characteristics, I understood from this point on out I’d usually consider of your just like the toes fucker.

After some factor I made a decision this tootsie is gonna roll and Claydam would only have to come across another girl prepared to bare her single. (Did you have that? That was a foot pun. Personally I think like i need to refer to it as down because I’m worried some of you won’t get it. OBTAIN IT?)

And Then This Occurred…

I’dn’t planning most of Claydam since then… until yesterday if this distressing graphics enriched my Twitter feed:

If you are considering it seems like a severed feet with a vagina sewn in on amputation website, you’d getting proper. But although it seems to be a horrifying test within Jeffrey Dahmer’s suite, it is, in fact, a $175 adult toy.

Known correctly once the “Vajankle,” their site talks of it a “beautiful, super-realistic silicon base” with “a functional vagina from inside the the surface of the foot.”

“Usable” snatch! Listen, advertising and marketing geniuses, let’s merely contact a spade a spade and state “fuckable,” mmkay? Vaginas need a couple of different functions, but i will state with increased amount of certainty that thing won’t be accustomed eradicate monthly period bloodstream or beginning a child.

We really contemplated giving this to Claydam. If he’s looking to pussyfoot around, it’s his goddamned happy day. Exactly what in the event it provides him ideas and that I awaken one night to him hanging above me personally wielding a meat cleaver in one single hand and a needle and bond in more? (this is why my personal notice operates.)

No, I’m nervous Claydam’s just gonna need to find the Vajankle by himself. But anything tells me destiny will bring these two along, due to the fact plainly this can be a match built in fetish paradise. And remember, I totally rely on heart friends now.

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