Unique Relationship Online Game ‘Dream Father’ Lets You Date This Hot AF Asian Dad

Unique Relationship Online Game ‘Dream Father’ Lets You Date This Hot AF Asian Dad

***Literally everything is spoilers. You’ve been cautioned***

Oh my Jesus, I feel like I’m a slutty 15-year-old rabid fangirl once more.

Previously this period, the long awaited online dating sim name, Dream Daddy, premiered. Developed by video game Grumps, the cheesy love video game centers on one dad together with his nearly off-to-college daughter whom discovers themselves in a neighborhood saturated in date-able dads*.

Even though there are a lot of father minds to steal, the worthiest dad try none other than Craig Cahn, aka fitness father, aka DAMN FATHER.

Let’s start from the beginning: you’re , a mild-mannered solitary dad just who merely relocated in to the neighbor hood along with your eighteen-year-old girl, Amanda. You’re deciding to make the rounds once you come across Craig Cahn (voiced by NateWantsToBattle), their old university roomie. You’re legitimately happy, since the chap you when understood — Keg-Stand Craig, just who as soon as downed a complete bottles of marinara sauce because he known as they a “smoothie” — are a SWOLE AF father of three, that includes a super lovable infant strapped to his chest (you understand, for resistance training).

Amazing. Therefore he’s plainly an Asian Adonis and way too pure for this earth. Nonetheless it gets better: his ol’ college girlfriend-turned-wife, “Smashley”, no longer is in image, while they had gotten divorced a year ago. Thus uhh… daddy’s unmarried, and we’re prepared socialize. When he requires you to choose your to look at your train his girl’ softball game, we switch at possible opportunity to see Craig Cahn actually in operation. Hot, hot, softball mentor activity.

Umm, okay, therefore he’s a hot butt softball coach unmarried father who makes very cute children. In which possess the guy already been our schedules. Unfortunately, he’s consistently getting hit on by most of the softball mothers. Janet, Martha, plus the sleep desire his legitimately bangin’ dad bod, and although we really can’t pin the blame on them, that father bod is gonna be ours… whenever we bring the notes best. Nevertheless mothers persist, and encourage all of us to all stack up to the car and choose Thirsty’s Pizza to expend a little more opportunity with him.

After ducking and dodging the THOT mothers getting tossed his ways, Craig Cahn will get roped into playing DDR (big turn-on) by his family and now we get bring pinball with ours. At some point, we sneak aside, making Briar and Hazel, Craig’s twins, with company for a sleepover, and my child drives herself residence. At long last — we Craig Cahn’s undivided focus. He requires united states back into the softball area where we toss a ball about. We catch-up, writing about our children, his mentoring era, and his jobs (the guy works an athleisure use team), when — OH NO — we’re hit of the baseball inside the face! Craig rushes over to see if we’re okay, and, if you choose precisely, he’ll HUG things BETTER SJKDIJHWW OWFJSN KJ#*)ROIHWS.


2-3 weeks move and a few most schedules take place — mostly activities, but we manage go to BRUNch (running, subsequently brunch).

Fundamentally, we making plans to go camping by yourself together, as Craig merely therefore burned-out from caring for everybody else and requirements to de-stress muslim dating sites usa. We create camp and determine to go for a walk, and after creating a number of father laughs about a tree that appears like a butt, we arrived at a waterfall — a waterfall that looks hella fun to switch from to the pool below. Therefore Craig does by far the most reasonable thing feasible and PIECES DOWN TO their BOXERS. Therefore We tend to be expected when we need consider his butt — ENJOY THAT’S REALLY A CONCERN. HELL sure WE WANT TO OBSERVE THAT BOOTY. 11111. 11!1.


So after jumping off waterfalls and heading returning to camp, we find out some actually crucial reasons for having Craig — for just one, despite the reality he’s got a killer bod, great youngsters, and a fantastic job, he’s only… tired. Like, exhausted. Caring for everybody else at their expenditure has truly come sporting your lower, and he’s needs to become overwhelmed. We feel for your, obviously — we’re trying to become an excellent bro — but we feel… another thing. Some thing… considerably.

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